Publication date: 02.11.16
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Unipro PJSC receives certificate of operational readiness for 2016-2017 winter season

On 02 November 2016, Unipro received the Certificate of Operational Readiness for 2016-2017 Winter Season (WS).

Unipro PJSC readiness for operation in WS was confirmed by a special commission appointed by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The commission was composed of representatives of Minenergo of Russia, Rostekhnadzor, SO UES JSC, UES Technical Inspection CJSC, EMERCOM of Russia and of Unipro PJSC executives.

The commission confirmed that Unipro has completed works aimed at enhancing generation equipment performance and reliability at all the plants and carried out main and auxiliary equipment repairs in full and in a timely manner. The commission checked compliance with the basic and supplementary conditions of operational readiness for the winter season.

The inspection findings confirmed Unipro PJSC operational readiness for the coming winter season. Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Andrei Cherezov expressed gratitude to Unipro CEO Maxim Shirokov for the work done and handed in the Certificate of Operational Readiness for 2016-2017 winter season to him.