Publication date: 18.04.17
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Unipro provided financial support to the Sharypovo city hospital for purchasing a set of modern endoscopic equipment

Berezovskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC allocated funds to the Sharypovo city hospital (Krasnoyarsk Krai) for purchasing endoscopic equipment for the health facility’s medical department.

The new set features a gastroduodenoscope, colonoscope and bronchoscope. 

The equipment allows performing both a comprehensive examination of gastrointestinal tract and bronchovascular system, and enables treatment for peptic ulcer and aerodigestive tract erosion.

Apart from the apparatus, they purchased a sterilizer, storage cabinet, flusher and a number of additional appliances to increase the equipment lifespan.

“The patient stream for endoscopic examination grows permanently”, says Iosif Zautashvilli, the Deputy Chief Physician of the Sharypovo City Hospital. “It’s not just because the gastric disease cases are growing in number, but also due to changes in the schedule of required pre-surgery examinations. Today, almost any serious surgical treatment requires preliminary examination of gastrointestinal tract. There is already a wait list for such studies in the outpatient clinic, and the new equipment in the medical department will considerably cut the time of waiting for necessary procedures”.

Unipro PJSC and healthcare institutions in Sharypovo have been cooperating for quite a long time. In 2013 the power engineers allocated funds for purchasing the endoscopic apparatus for the Sharypovo Outpatient Clinic. And a year before the clinic had received an expert U/S apparatus as a gift. Last year the city maternity clinic was also fitted out with new equipment. In 2015 they purchased mobile X-ray units and a visiograph for the Department of Surgery.