Publication date: 23.01.15
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In 2014, E.ON Russia’s Power Stations Generated 59.2 Bln Kilowatt Hours

In 2014, electric power generation of E.ON Russia totaled 59.2 bln kWh, showing a 6 % decrease as compared to the analogous period of 2013. Electric power sales volume in 2014 totaled 62.0 bln kWh (-5 % as compared to the last year).

Heat generation increased by 3% comparing to the indicators of 2013 reaching 2,211.0 thousand Gcal.

Electric power generation volume decrease was conditioned by alteration of the repairs schedule and the operating electric power stations’ equipment mix. In particular, it was conditioned by simultaneous shutdown of two Power Units of Berezovskaya GRES for installation of equipment for Power Unit No. 3 under construction; according to the technology, such installation is impossible when the Power Station is in operation.

Decrease in electric power generation was also caused by participation of 6 Units of Surgutskaya GRES-2 in the rated primary frequency control (RPFC) (in 2013, 5 Units of the Station participated in the RPFC).