Publication date: 18.05.15
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E.ON Russia Smolenskaya GRES Has Started Repairs of Heat Supply Systems in Ozerny Settlement

In accordance with the instructions of the Head of Ozernensky Urban Settlement Administration, Smolenskaya GRES finished the heating season and switched to the summer mode of work providing the consumers with hot water supply.

The company worked steadily and consistently during the past heating season having provided high-quality, reliable heat supply to the consumers. The heating season was worked through with success due to the expertise of the employees, repairs performed in time and high-quality preparation of the heating supply equipment.

At present, in anticipation of the new heating season of 2015–2016, Smolenskaya GRES has started preparatory works at the heat supply systems in Ozerny Settlement.

According to the plans, the repair campaign will include a large volume of works on reconstruction, modernization and repairs of the heat supply system equipment and other facilities.

Since May 18, 2015 Smolenskaya GRES has started running hydraulic pressure tests of the heat supply systems and pipeline fittings. The tests are carried out in two stages. The first stage begins after completion of the heating season aimed to detect the pipeline deficiencies. The second one is to be carried out after the repairs allowing control of the quality with regard to the works performed.

Moreover, it is planned to replace 300 meters of the underground heat supply pipelines and 260 sq. meters of thermal insulation in Ozerny Settlement.

In addition, the plans are to perform installation of the metal insulation at the above-ground pipeline of the heat supply system from the settlement to Ozernenskaya hospital (400 m) and to reconstruct thermal insulation of the pipelines at the sections from Smolenskaya GRES to Ozerny Settlement (1,278 m) and the heat supply system to the bread-making plant (2,384 m).

All the repairs and modernization of the heat supply equipment carried out are required to provide reliable heating supply to the consumers during the winter period.