Publication date: 11.12.19
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Berezovskaya GRES invested around six billion Rubles in the social programs of assistance to disabled people in the rural areas

We Can Do More Together — a traditional festival for people with disabilities — was held in the Sharypovsky District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The results of social charity program: Sharypovsky District — A Territory of Equal Opportunity were summed up as part of preparations for the festival.

The district has been implementing the program since 2013 in close cooperation with Unipro PJSC Berezovskaya GRES Branch. Over these years, the company has allocated RUB 5,980,000 to accommodate the disabled people in rural areas. Overall, more than 700 persons with disabilities have been provided with assistance. The funds were used to: create a rental center for rehabilitation equipment, including wheelchairs, a wheelchair ramp, means of transportation for the disabled, organize four sports, art, and communication forums for disabled people: We Will Do More Together, purchase modern sports gear for adaptive sports, sponsor 970 trips to rehabilitation centers and cultural events for disabled children under project Social Taxi; purchase 100 laptops with modems and transfer them to the disabled.

The laptops were handed over to people with restricted mobility and families with disabled children to provide them with access to the resources enabling the disabled people to contact healthcare and social institutions online.

Computer technologies made it possible for the people with special needs to create a community in the social media, support each other, and share information. These people are offered distance developmental and psychological training sessions in cooperation with social and educational institutions. The specialists of the Sharypovsky District social service center deliver sessions to the parents of disabled children to teach them how to use online resources to help their children.