Publication date: 14.05.20
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Shaturskaya GRES has closed the heating season

On 6 May, pursuant to the Resolution of the Head of the Shatura Urban District, Unipro PJSC Shaturskaya GRES Branch closed the heating season.

In the near future, the specialists of Shaturskaya GRES will have to carry out the hydraulic testing of the pipelines for strength and leaks in order to reveal any potential defects in the heating network followed by repairing them within the scope of the summer maintenance campaign. Currently, the power plant operates about 150 kilometers of the heating system pipelines in the town of Shatura.

No faults or process upsets were recorded in the reporting heating period. The specialists of Shaturskaya GRES have designed and approved the schedule of work to be completed at the municipal heating network in the upcoming summer season. Worn-out sections of the heating mains will be replaced with pipes insulated with polyurethane foam to slow down corrosion, reduce heat loss, and enhance heat supply reliability.

Overall, the Branch will replace about 5 km of the pipeline and repair thermal insulation on the relevant sections in 2020. The repairs of the heating network will be performed by the contractor and plant staff.