Publication date: 16.07.21
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Berezovskaya GRES Reduces Pollutant Emissions into the Air by a Third.

In 2020, Unipro PJSC Berezovskaya GRES Branch reduced pollutant emissions into the air virtually by a third. In 2019, the power plant’s production emissions amounted to 19.6T, while in 2020, they declined to 13.1T.

The emissions figures have been confirmed by the data mentioned in the Government Report on the Status of Environmental Protection in the Krasnoyarsk Territory posted on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the region. Optimization of the fuel burning modality proved to be a significant factor that drove emissions down.  Introduction of lancing systems has improved the quality of water lancing resulting in a lower fuel flow rate and contraction of emissions. In addition, the maintenance of electrostatic precipitators on the plant’s power units has improved their performance ratings.

In 2020, Berezovskaya GRES allocated around RUB 34 mln to environmental activities. In the context of its environmental policy, Unipro PJSC that includes Berezovskaya GRES as a branch follows the leading international low-carbon development practices. The company has undergone independent verification of greenhouse emissions calculations for 2020 by KPMG JSC that found Unipro PJSC report on greenhouse gas emissions perfectly accurate.