Publication date: 07.12.21
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Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Unipro PJSC Decided to Pay Dividends

Unipro PJSC held an extraordinary general shareholders meeting in absentia on December 6, 2021.

Having considered the recommendations of the Board of Directors, the shareholders of the company passed a resolution to pay dividends on Unipro PJSC ordinary shares out of the profit for nine months of 2021 in the amount of
RUB 0.190329044536 per one ordinary share totalling at RUB 12 bln. Following the Unipro PJSC’s Dividend Policy, dividends paid during 2021 will amount to RUB 20 bln.

The meeting of shareholders also approved a number of other resolutions related to the activities of Unipro PJSC.