Publication date: 11.10.21
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Volunteers and specialists of the Youth Centre held an environmental campaign “Green Land” with employees of Shaturskaya GRES

Activists planted young trees near the power plant, on the shores of the Black Lake. On a small area, a white willow, mountain ash, alder-leaved irga, viburnum, woolly willow, and snowberry, preferring moist soil, will grow.

“The tree varieties were selected together with florists. These are the plant species that are most suitable for growing in this area,” said Evgenia Metelkina, head of the press service of Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES Branch. The plant employees have always tried to plant trees on their own. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Green Land campaign has not been held for two years. Volunteers helped power engineers for the first time.

“This is our first joint campaign with Unipro. We hope it is the beginning of a good friendship. We did a great job together and are ready for other common projects,” said Natalya Klyukina, director of the Complex Youth Centre. An excellent warm day made it possible to carry out not only the environmental campaign, but also to arrange for a small autumn picnic for the guys.