Publication date: 11.04.22
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Unipro PJSC Sent Over 70 Tons of Waste for Processing

Unipro PJSC has been implementing a program of separate waste collection for further processing since 2017.

In 2021, Unipro employees collected 70 tons of recyclable materials and sent them for processing and disposal to specialized organizations, including: 28.5 tons of wooden containers and other natural wood products, 23 tons of waste paper, 9.8 tons of glass, 5.4 tons of plastic, 3.5 tons of old tires and other types of rubber, more than 100 kg of batteries.

Recycling can significantly save natural resources. For instance, non-food containers, new bottles and kitchenware, coatings for playgrounds, sports equipment, and much more will be made from the plastic, rubber, and glass collected at the plants and recycled. While new batteries will be assembled from the elements of used ones.

In addition to separate waste collection, Unipro PJSC runs various environmental campaigns – employees plant seedlings, collect plastic caps as part of the Good Caps* project, and clean up lake shores and urban areas. Every year, the Company stocks reservoirs with valuable species of fish in the regions of its presence.

Unipro also pays great attention to environmental education: eco-lessons and interactive classes on separate waste collection with Uniproshka (a character invented by the Company as a cute branded soft toy) are held for schoolchildren.

Development of environment programs is yet another step towards one of the goals of Unipro PJSC sustainable development, namely the reduction of harmful impact on the environment.

*The Good Caps is a Russian environmental charity volunteer project with a dual goal: to make our world cleaner and to help children who need support. The project is organized jointly by the “Good Caps” Public Movement and the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers to Help Orphans”. Unipro PJSC joined the project in 2018.