Publication date: 29.04.22
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Pedestrian! Get more visible on the road

Power engineers of Shaturskaya GRES branch of Unipro PJSC together with the Shatura Department of the State Traffic Police of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded the Shatura city residents about the rules of the road. Recently they held an event called "Pedestrian! Get More Visible on the Road" and provided residents with reflective clothing items.

In the center of the city, not far from a crosswalk, a traffic police inspector, Zebra and Uniproshka handed out special badges to all passersby. Children and adults were all equally happy to receive such a small but very necessary gift.

"Reflective items come in all kinds of shapes and have different ways of attaching them. They can be tied to a bag, backpack, pinned as a badge on clothing, fastened as a bracelet on the arm, glued as a sticker on a bicycle, roller skates, skateboard. The main thing is that they increase the visibility of pedestrians on unlit roads and significantly reduce the risk of accidents involving them”, said Alexandra Strashkevich, public awareness officer of the Department.

According to statistics, the largest number of accidents occurs in the dark. Applying reflective items on clothing helps pedestrians become more visible on the road. So at low beam headlights a pedestrian with a reflective item will be visible at a distance of 100 to 140 meters, and at high beam this distance increases to 400 m. If there is no such item, the pedestrian will be visible to the driver at a distance of 25 to 30 meters.