Publication date: 01.04.22
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Smolensk power engineers take part in the Open Day for employers

The Employer's Week was held at the Smolensk branch of the Moscow Power Engineering University. Representatives of fifteen organizations and enterprises of the city of Smolensk and Smolensk, Bryansk and Kaluga regions met with the students.

The management of the Smolenskaya GRES branch of Unipro PJSC arranged thematic presentations for Thermal Power Engineering, Electric Systems and Networks, and Electric Drive students.

“The main goal of the event was to introduce students to Unipro's business and its corporate culture, tell them about career opportunities for young specialists, and also help them communicate informally with the company's employees,” commented Evgeny Inozemtsev, Director of Smolenskaya GRES.

Mr. Inozemtsev told the attendees in detail about Unipro PJSC and the equipment used at Smolenskaya GRES.

Nadezhda Mikhailova, Deputy Director for HR, told about how to get a job at the Plant, what career opportunities will be available for graduates of power engineering universities, how young specialists are helped to adapt to their positions at the initial stages of work, and about social benefits and guarantees in the company.

Deputy Chief Engineer Andrey Usanov, a former graduate of the branch of the Moscow Power Engineering University, shared his experience of working in the power industry and building a career at Smolenskaya GRES.

“The dialog between students and representatives of companies is always friendly and lively. We have a long-established long-term cooperation between our University and Unipro. Many of our students have internships at Smolenskaya GRES, and after graduation they go to work at the Plant,” said Roman Solopov, head of the Department of Electric Power Systems.

“Such events at the Smolensk branch of Moscow Power Engineering University are held regularly and leave no one indifferent. Today the kids learned a lot of interesting and useful stuff.  We hope that the number of graduates of this university who would be willing to consider our company as a potential employer will increase noticeably after the meeting,” said Nadezhda.