Publication date: 22.03.22
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Fully prepared

The Shaturskaya power plant has established a flood-control commission and monitors the water level in the flood areas.
Currently, the Branch performs off-schedule inspections of power facilities, has developed measures to ensure the delivery of emergency standby machinery, materials, and equipment to all areas in order to repair any potential damage.
Shaturskaya GRES has ensured the serviceability of all drainage devices and catch-water drains. Briefings and emergency response drills have been delivered to the power plant’s operating staff. For the duration of the high water season, the Branch has created repair crews equipped with the necessary special-purpose machines and communication facilities to respond to potential emergencies within the shortest possible time.
To ensure prompt emergency notification and coordinate emergency response activities, the Branch has built relations with the regional meteorological service, civil defence and emergency bodies, local administration, district flood-control commissions, and fire brigades.
For the duration of peak flood, Shaturskaya GRES will set round-the-clock monitoring of its hydraulic, water intake, and water discharge facilities, seepage conditions on the dams, and change of temperature and water level in the system of lakes.