Publication date: 01.06.22
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Shaturskaya GRES Power Unit 1 is out for repairs

Unipro’s Shaturskaya GRES launched the intermediate maintenance of 200 MW Power Unit 1. The power unit was commissioned in 1971. Over the past year, it reached 6,718 hours.

As part of the repair campaign, the turbine unit is being repaired with the cutoff valve replaced and turbine’s technical condition diagnosed. On the boiler equipment of the power unit, the plant’s specialists repair the boilers, replace the bends of steam-supply pipes and the air preheater cubes.

The work schedule also includes repairs on draught mechanisms and valves, the replacement of slip rings of the brush gear, the technical refurbishment of the control and monitoring system and the automatic burner control system.

It should also be noted that the maintenance campaign at Shaturskaya GRES is running on schedule. The purpose of this campaign is to improve reliability and efficiency of the equipment and ensure that Shaturskaya GRES is ready to take up the load for the autumn and winter season.