Publication date: 22.06.22
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Surgutskaya-2 GRES is continuing its repair campaign

On 16 June, extended current repairs on Unit 4 started. Power engineers expect to complete it in 70 days.

After an in-depth diagnostics of the equipment, a large amount of repairs will have to be performed on the unit. These include: industrial safety assessment of 22 vessels and 39 lines, replacement of 12 bypass pipes of the high pressure convection superheater, opening of all turbine cylinders to test metal and to inspect high temperature rotor stages.

From 20 June, Surgutskaya-2 GRES began to diagnose chimney stacks of the CCGT power units. In August, a boroscopic inspection will take place in accordance with the technical procedure.

From 11 July, power engineers will proceed to repair the heating network, with isolation valves inspected, corrosion testers installed and tested, and insulation of the internal heating network and pumps repaired. Work will be completed by July, 25.