Publication date: 26.05.22
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Smolenskaya GRES is repairing 210MW Power Unit 2

Smolenskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC is proceeding with the repair campaign. Power Unit 2 of Smolenskaya GRES is out for current repairs.

Power engineers will carry out typical tasks to repair pump equipment, replace insulation on piping in the boiler and turbine rooms. Based on defect detection results, defects in the boiler lining and casing will be eliminated after chalk pressure tests.

Repairs will be done on the turbine’s regulation and steam distribution system, on generator’s hydrogen seals and bearings.

As part of the industrial safety assessment, metal will be tested on the condensate drain line of the high pressure heater, on the heating steam line from the district heater steam outlet to the deaerator, atmospheric drain vessel. 

In April, Smolenskaya GRES completed the current repairs on Power Unit 1. Starting from June, 27 it is planned to take Power Unit 3 out of service for overhaul till October this year.