Publication date: 07.12.22
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Safe winter

On the eve of the New Year holidays and winter holidays, Unipro gave a number of interactive online lessons “Safety Rules in Winter” for students of Grades 1-4 in the regions of its presence.

Uniproshka, a character invented by the company, told the children about the dangers that await them in winter, the children learned what to do if they or their friend fell through the ice on a lake or river. Uniproshka demonstrated through personal example how to walk properly on a slippery road and explained why it would be better to stay away from the roofs.

“Everybody enjoyed this event! Organisation was top-class! It shows thorough preparation of each activity. I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers of the event. The creative approach of all participants is worth mentioning! It was held in a friendly fascinating atmosphere. Thank you very much!” said Mrs Svetlana Vorobyeva, the teacher of Grade 4B, School No. 10 (Surgut).

According to Mrs Tatyana Mayornikova, Deputy Director for Education in School No. 8 in Sharypovo (Krasnoyarsk Territory), “all events with Uniproshka always bring a lot of positive emotions, and what is more, they are very useful for the children.” “This time, bright presenters Max and Alena taught the children how to tuck oneself up during falls, explained how to move properly on the ice and where to go downhill in winter,” Tatyana noted.

“We often do not think that the child needs detailed explanations. It is important not only to teach the traffic rules or rules of behaviour in social networks, but also the simplest household rules that will help to keep the child healthy and alive. We should explain these rules to our children in lay language,” says Mrs Maria Beyger, the conceptual inspirer of the project “Uniproshka for Children”, Unipro PJSC Press Secretary.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers of the online lesson “Winter Threats”. It was very informative, simple, interesting, and relevant for us, residents of Siberia, where low temperatures last most of the calendar year. Within a short period of time, the main points that pose risks in the cold season were highlighted. Training was arranged in the form of a game, which allowed for holding the children’s attention throughout the lesson. The children were fully involved in the process while playing and performing the tasks. Everyone really liked it!”, Mrs Evgenia Selezneva, Head of the Labour Management and Payroll Department of Berezovskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC, mother of Alexey, a student of Grade 4B, said after the lesson.

Such interactive lessons given for elementary school students as part of the project “Uniproshka for Children” are aimed at achieving one of the strategic goals of Unipro’s ESG Strategy, i.e. at improving the population life quality in the regions of its presence.