Publication date: 14.10.22
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Active Work on Import Substitution at Power Unit No. 5 of Yaivinskaya GRES

The replacement of the thermal control equipment of the gas turbine unit of the combined cycle gas turbine plant (CCGT) has been successfully elaborated, which allows for saving more than RUB 500 thousand a year. Further, works on searching analogues of automated chemical control devices have been performed, which will allow for reducing the cost of equipment maintenance and repair by 4 times in the future.

The plans include measures on import substitution of the equipment of HRSG actuators and vibration monitoring systems for HRSG feed pumps, which will eliminate the dependence on imported equipment manufacturers and reduce costs while maintaining the required level of reliability.

CCGT WTP (water treatment plant) section at Yaivinskaya GRES takes part in the import substitution programme as well, since the equipment and all components and SPTA of the WTP are imported. For filter elements of cartridge filters installed before the reverse osmosis unit, filter elements from a Russian manufacturer have been purchased instead of filters manufactured in the UK. A trial batch has already been tested successfully.