Publication date: 21.09.11
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E.ON Russia conducted a ceremonial startup of a new 400 MW CCGT unit of Yaivinskaya GRES

E.ON Russia carried out the ceremonial startup of the new 400 MW power unit of Yaivinskaya GRES designed on the basis of high performance combined-cycle technology.

The official ceremony, which took place at the construction site of the new power unit in the territory of Yaivinskaya GRES, was attended by Oleg Chirkunov, Governor of Perm Territory, and Sergei Tazin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of E.ON Russia.

"The power station unit just commissioned demonstrates E.ON's competence in innovative, gas-based generation technology. We want to supply cleaner and better energy meeting the criteria of cost-effectiveness, supply security and climate protection. Overall, we have enlarged our fleet of gas-fired power stations worldwide in recent years by adding 16 new CCGT units with an installed capacity of over 10,500 MW. Yaivinskaya GRES is a further contribution towards modernizing the Russian energy sector," said Dr. Bernhard Reutersberg, member of the E.ON AG Board of Management.

"The start-up of the new power unit of Yaivinskaya GRES is of special importance for E.ON Russia. With its inauguration we have completed our construction of CCGTs envisaged by the investment program. Overall, E.ON Russia has commissioned 1,600 MW on the basis of high-performance CCGT technology at three branches of the company in the last two years: Shaturskaya GRES, Surgutskaya GRES-2 and Yaivinskaya GRES. The net efficiency of the 400 MW CCGT unit is 56,6 This class of power-generating equipment is the most efficiency in the thermal power engineering in Russia.Thus E.ON Russia is the leader of the thermal electric power industry of Russia," Sergei Tazin stated.

Combined-cycle gas turbine unit is designed on the basis of the advanced power technologies and with observance of the international standards in construction and operation of such facilities. The compacted arrangement of the power unit was achieved due to arrangement of generator, gas and steam turbine on one shaft.

The net efficiency of 400 MW CCGT is 56,6%, which is the maximum performance indicator of the power units operated currently in Russia. The maximum efficiency of the new power unit complies with the principles of new strategy of E.ON Group focused on improvement of the efficiency and environmental friendliness of power generation processes.

The construction was initiated in the 3rd quarter 2008; the comprehensive testing was successfully performed in June 2011. The General Contractor Agreement was signed with ENKA Company (Turkey). The total cost of the project is RUB  16.6 billion.

The total amount of the new generation facilities within the scope of investment programme of E.ON Russia is 2,400 MW. The total cost of the investment program is RUB 109.4 bln.


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E.ON Russia

E.ON Russia JSC comprises five power plants: Surgutskaya GRES-2, Berezovskaya GRES, Shaturskaya GRES, Smolenskaya GRES and Yaivinskaya GRES, which total capacity is 10,295 MW. 78.3% of shares of E.ON Russia are owned by E.ON Russia Holding Gmbh – a wholly owned subsidiary of the international energy group E.ON AG.