Publication date: 21.01.09
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OGK-4 power plants increased electricity production by 4.2% in 2008

According to the current data, OGK-4 power plants produced 56,508.9 mln kWh of electricity in 2008, a 4.2% increase over 2007. Particularly, Berezovskaya power plant increased its electricity production by 26.9% up to 10,820.6 mln kWh, Shaturskaya power plant by 1.8% up to 5,001.7 mln kWh, Smolenskaya power plant by 5.4% up to 2,211.9 mln kWh.

Net output of heat by OGK-4 power plants increased by 1.2% in comparison to the indicators of 2007 and amounted to 2,259.7 thousand Gcal.

Summarizing the results of 2008, the load factor of OGK-4 power plants amounted to 74.5%. In 2007 the load factor of the company was 71.7%.

"OGK-4 increases its electricity production every year. In 2008 the company achieved high production results again. Economic efficiency of OGK-4 power plants allowed loading the generating capacities to the maximum. And even when the production of the company’s largest power plant – Surgutskaya power plant – remained at the level of the previous year, Berezovskaya power plant increased its production by quarter thus achieving a record result of annual output starting from the moment of its commissioning. High load of a power plant proves that it is effective and that electric power generated by this power plant is in demand on the market”, noted Yury Sablukov, JSC OGK-4 General Director.