Publication date: 09.12.13
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Construction of the dry ash and sludge removal system at Berezovskaya GRES started

They started backfilling of the fourth section of ash disposal area. Berezovskaya GRES was one of the first Russian coal-fired power plants that implemented the European removal system of ash and sludge wastes generated in the result of coal combustion, - the dry ash and sludge removal system. 
Application of the up-to -date technologies minimizes adverse effect of ash disposal on water and soil in Sharypovo region that falls within environmental policy of E.ON Russia JSC.
Basic construction material of the 4th section for ash removal system will be hydrated ash and sludge waste from the third section which has been already filled. It is necessary to transfer and put 1.3 mln m3 of ash and sludge wastes in area specially designed to storing of the conditioned ash. In order to minimize filtration of moisture and prevent underground waters from polluting substances, the section bottom will be covered by waterproof polymeric geomembrane.
In addition to the 4th section, dry ash removal system includes construction of the trestle of pneumatic sludge conveyor pipes and special storage with capacity of 3500m3 for acceptance, storage and shipment of dry ash for its further industrial usage. 
Also the design provides upgrading of treatment facilities of circulation water supply system at fuel handling of BGRES. Sewage deoiling system will be brought to state- of- art level as well.
Berezovskaya GRES is running on solid fuel - brown coal (2Б).
Ca.270 thousand ton of ash per year is delivered to ash disposal area of the Plant.  After commissioning of the 3d unit under construction, the ash amount will be greater by a third. 
Having the current ash storage with hydraulic ash removal system, it is necessary to enlarge the ash disposal area 50 GA each 5 years. At that, to transport 1 ton ash to disposal area ca.17 ton of water is to be consumed.
Within E.ON Group strategy “Produce energy more cleaner and much better” it decided to perform transition of the Berezovskaya GRES from a hydraulic ash disposal system to a dry ash disposal system, which will enable environmentally safe storage of fuel waste for the next 40 years without expanding the ash disposal site and decrease specific volume of the water used in the process cycle by ca.50 times.
The Project was approved in the end of 2012 by State ecological appraisal, total budget for the project implementation - ca.2 bln rubles.