Publication date: 01.03.13
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Meeting of E.ON Russia Board of Directors

A meeting of the E.ON Russia Board of Directors has been held.

Bernhard Reutersberg, member of E.ON SE Board, was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Maxim Shirokov, CEO of E.ON Russia JSC, was elected Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. 
The meeting approved the new composition of the following Board Committees: Audit Committee, Risk and Finance Management, Appointments and Remuneration Committee, and New Build Steering Committee.
The Board of Directors approved a new version of the Environmental Policy of E.ON Russia. Modification of the document was due to the fact that certain provisions of the previous version of the Policy (adopted in 2009) are no longer up to date at present.
The Environmental Policy of E.ON Russia defines the principles, goals and objectives of the company in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety and provides basic mechanisms to achieve them. The Environmental Policy is based on fundamental principles such as: compliance with international norms and Russian law, decision-making on management and investment matters with due account for environmental priorities, precedence of preventive measures over response to negative environmental impact, etc.