Publication date: 07.02.13
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E.ON SE becomes a member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council

E.ON SE has become a member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) under the RF Government.
The Foreign Investment Advisory Council, initiated by the Russian government and a group of foreign investors, was established in June 1994 as a result of the combined efforts of the Russian government and foreign businesses to improve the investment climate in Russia. The key task of the council is to assist Russia in forging and promoting a favorable investment climate based on global expertise and experience of international companies operating in Russia.
Through membership in the FIAC, E.ON SE will have an opportunity to work more closely with the Russian government. For its part, the E.ON Group, using its extensive knowledge and vast experience, is going to support the Council's efforts to further strengthen the enabling environment for foreign investors in Russia.
E.ON SE owns 83.7% of the shares of E.ON Russia and is the largest foreign investor in the Russian power industry, with the total amount of investments scheduled to reach EUR 6.1 billion by 2015.
E.ON holds a stake in Nord Stream. Since 2012 a transport capacity of about 55 bcm of gas is available every year. E.ON also has a 25 % stake in the Yuzhno Russkoye gas field in Siberia.