Publication date: 17.10.12
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Bernhard Reutersberg speaks to the members of the German-Russian Forum and AHK in Moscow

The meeting of the members of the German-Russian Forum and Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) was  held on October 10, 2012 in Moscow at which the Chairman of the Organization  Supervisory Board, a member of the Management Board of E.ON AG, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of E.ON Russia JSC Dr. Bernhard Reutersberg delivered a speech.
In his speech Mr. Reutersberg noted that reliable energy partnership between Germany and Russia is of strategic importance today. Power generation shall be as safe as possible for the climate and the energy resources shall be offered at  competitive prices.
Mr. Reutersberg pointed out that E.ON in cooperation with seven leading European gas companies consolidated into the European Gas Forum (EGaF) to promote the climate protection policy. The organization stakes both on the renewable types of energy and the technologies with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
One example of such technologies is the CCGT power units that were put into operation by E.ON in Russia as a part of the investment program of E.ON Russia JSC. Four such units with the aggregate capacity of 1.6 GW were put into operation in 2010-2011 to ensure significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
During his visit to Moscow Mr. Reutersberg also held working meetings with the management of E.ON Russia. 
Reference: The German-Russian Forum is a private organization that promotes the development of the German-Russian dialogue. The forum provides platforms for discussions on political and economic issues, for cultural meetings and regional cooperation.