Publication date: 30.08.12
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Meeting of E.ON Russia JSC Board of Directors

Board of Directors voted the Company CEO - Maxim Shirokov- and Deputy Director General for Production - Igor Popov - into New Build Steering Committee under the Board of Directors.
In connection with termination of employment, First Deputy Director General Yuri Sablukov was removed from the Company Board and Committees under the Board of Directors of E.ON Russia JSC.
Igor Popov, Deputy Director General for Production, was voted into the Company Management Board.
Board of Directors of E.ON Russia JSC alos made a resolution to alter essential conditions of project "Construction of Power unit 3 on the basis of STU-800 at Berezovskaya GRES" .  The project is in progress under Capacity contracts. The new commissioning date was approved- no later than May, 2015. Thus the Company is exercising its right to delay the date of capacity supply commencement from this facility under Capacity contract , without penalties, after giving a preliminary notice to Center of Financial Settlements ZAO.
The date was updated in connection with an EPC-contract for construction of a 800 MW Power unit 3 at Berezovskaya GRES.