Publication date: 16.07.12
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Meeting of E.ON Russia Board of Directors

A regular meeting of E.ON Russia JSC Board of Directors took place.
The Board of Directors appointed Maxim Shirokov Director General of E.ON Russia JSC with effect from July 17, 2012. The Board of Directors recommended Director General of E.ON Russia JSC to appoint Yuri Sablukov First Deputy Director General of E.ON Russia JSC.
Board of Directors of E.ON Russia JSC approved the new composition of the Company Management Board:
1. Maxim Shirokov;
2. Yuri Sablukov;
3. Ulf Backmeyer;
4. Sebastian Eisenberg.
Maxim Shirokov holds a degree in Oriental Studies and an MBA in Economics and Marketing.  Following different, also international management functions and the management of large international projects in Russia, his last position was General Director of Ust-Luga Company, which builds and operates the largest Russian Baltics' seaport.