Publication date: 28.04.12
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E.ON Russia publishes QI 2012 RAS Financial Statements

E.ON Russia JSC released Quarter I 2012 financial statements prepared as per the Russian Accounting Standards.
The Company revenue made 19,6 billion rubles, growing by 16,4% as compared to Quarter I of 2011. Within the period under report, the cost of production grew by 19,6% as compared to January-March 2011 reaching 13,37 billion rubles. Income before tax grew by 16,4% and made 6,62 billion rubles.
E.ON Russia's net profit estimated as per RAS in Quarter I , 2012, made 5,18 billion rubles which is by 13,8% higher than in QI last year.
Primarily, the growth of revenue and income is due to operation of the new more efficient generating facilities and optimization of the Company expenses and high availability of equipment.