Publication date: 27.10.08
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Changes at OGK-4 Board of Management

In a further step of reforming and streamlining the Board of Management, the Board of Directors of the Fourth Generation Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market, OGK-4 (Open Joint-Stock Company) has decided to reduce the number of members of the Company’s Board of Management.

According to Board of Directors resolution, three members of the Company’s Board of Management are leaving OGK-4 from October 27, 2008: Roman Lenkov, Deputy СEO for Finance and Economy, Sergey Zhizhoma, Deputy CEO for Corporate Policy, and Pavel Pestryakov, Deputy CEO for Information Technology. The latter will be replaced by Oleg Kapitulev, who will take office as Deputy CEO of OGK-4 for Information Technology from October 28, 2008 on.

The open joint stock company Forth Generation Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-4) operates five power generation plants with the total capacity of 8,630 MW, including Surgutskaya GRES-2 (4,800 MW, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District), Berezovskaya GRES (1,500 MW, Krasnoyarsk territory), Shaturskaya GRES (1,100 MW, Moscow region), Smolenskaya GRES (630 MW, Smolensk region) and Yayvinskaya GRES (600 MW, Perm territory). 76% of OGK-4 shares belong to E.ON Russia Power – a 100% affiliate of E.ON AG, coordinating corporation’s energy business in Russia. 

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