Publication date: 06.08.08
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FFMS registered Report on results of JSC OGK-4 issue of shares placed as a part of RAO UES reorganization

August 5, 2008 Federal Financial Markets Service registered the Report on results of the issue of ordinary shares placed by OGK-4 via converting of the ordinary and preferred JSC OGK-4 Holding shares into JSC OGK-4 ordinary shares.

The share placement took place at the same time as JSC OGK-4 Holding was spun off from RAO UES of Russia, which spin-off was accompanied by the merger of JSC OGK-4 Holding with and into OGK-4. OGK-4 actually placed 28,562,562 ordinary shares, each with a nominal value of 0.40 Russian rubles.

Federal Financial Markets Service suspended the issue of 3,027,744 ordinary shares each with a nominal value of 0.40 Russian rubles, to be placed for the purposes of conversion of preferred shares of JSC OGK-4 Holding into ordinary shares of JSC OGK-4. Currently JSC OGK-4 is waiting for the official notification from the FFMS containing the reasoning for such decision. JSC OGK-4 will take all measures for making necessary corrections and registering the Report on results of the share issue.

As was reported earlier, FFMS on April 29, 2008, registered two additional issues totaling 32,539,735 OGK-4 shares. The share placement was part of the final phase of the reorganization of RAO UES of Russia. The Company carried out the share placement on July 1, 2008, the day when the dissolution of JSC OGK-4 Holding according to its shareholder register as of that date was registered on the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

The open joint stock company Forth Generation Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-4) operates five power generation plants with the total capacity of 8,630 MW, including Surgutskaya GRES-2 (4,800 MW, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District), Berezovskaya GRES (1,500 MW, Krasnoyarsk territory), Shaturskaya GRES (1,100 MW, Moscow region), Smolenskaya GRES (630 MW, Smolensk region) and Yayvinskaya GRES (600 MW, Perm territory). 76% of OGK-4 shares belong to E.ON Russia Power GmbH – a 100% affiliate of E.ON AG, coordinating corporation’s energy business in Russia.