Publication date: 23.07.08
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OGK-4 power plants increased electricity production by 4.7% in January-June 2008

According to current data, OGK-4 power plants produced 26,915.8 mln kWh of electricity in January-June 2008, a 4.7% increase over the same period of 2007. Berezovskaya power plant increased electricity production by 45.5% up to 5,280.8 mln kWh, Yaivinskaya power plant by 4.9% up to 2,241.1 mln kWh, Shaturskaya power plant by 9.6% up to 2,326.1 mln kWh, Smolenskaya power plant by 27% up to 1,107.5 mln kWh.

Electricity production by OGK-4 power plants in June of the current year is increased as compared to June 2007 by 1.2% and amounted to 3,774.5 mln kWh.

Net output of heat by OGK-4 power plants for January-June 2008 amounted to 1,322.8 thousand Gcal.

The load factor at OGK-4 power plants reached 71.4% for January-June 2008, in June the load factor amounted to 60.8%.