Publication date: 16.08.07
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Surgutskaya TPP-2 Subsidiary of Generation Company Four of the Wholesale Power Market (OGK-4) has become Russia’s first thermal power plant to have been granted a SO – CDA (System Operator – Centralized Dispatching Administration) certificate, for its two 800-MW power units.


Surgutskaya TPP-2 Subsidiary of OGK-4 was granted by the Authority for Voluntary Certification of Facilities of the Electricity Industry under OAO VTI (All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute) certificates of conformance with the technical requirements of STO SO – CDA 001-2005, IDN “Standard for Participation TPP Power Units in Standardized Primary Frequency Control and Automated Secondary Frequency Control.” The certificates were issued for Power Unit 2 and Power Unit 4.


For the purpose of obtaining the certificates, Surgutskaya TPP-2, pursuant to RAO UESR Order No. 524 of September 18, 2002, “On the Enhancement of Quality of Primary and Secondary Electrical Frequency Control in the Unified Energy System of Russia,” had modernized the control systems of its power units through an implementation of automatic process control systems.


The certification of its power units will enable Surgutskaya TPP-2 to participate in the emerging ancillary services market in terms of ensuring standardized primary and secondary frequency and capacity control.


Before late 2007, Surgutskaya TPP-2 plans to certify its Power Unit 1 and Power Unit 5.