Publication date: 31.07.07
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Today at the Shaturskaya GRES Branch of OGK-4 (Shatura, Moscow Region) a ceremony devoted to the beginning of implementation of the investment project of construction of a new CCGT-400 power unit of the power plant took place. Valery Aksakov, Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Management Board of RAO UES of Russia, and Andrey Kitashev, Director General of OGK-4, took part in the ceremony of laying the first stone into the construction of the unit.


Within the framework of the event a contract for CCGT-400 power unit turnkey construction was entered into by and between OGK-4 and the Consortium of General Electric International Inc. (USA) and Gama Guk Sistemleri Muhendislik ve Taahhut A.S. (Turkey). In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract, the General Electric and Gama consortium will act as the general contractor for design, delivery of equipment and materials, construction and commissioning of a single-shaft combined-cycle gas turbine with a 400 MW electric capacity at Shaturskaya GRES.


The investment project of construction of a new 400 MW combined-cycle power unit at Shaturskaya GRES was included into the List of Priority Sites for Commissioning of Generating Capacities in the Unified Energy System of Russia. The power unit commissioning is scheduled for Q4 2009. The estimated project costs (money of the day) are equal to 14,999.2 million rubles (inclusive of VAT).


A technical solution applicable to three power plants of OGK-4 and related to construction of single-shaft condense combined-cycle power units (CCGT-400) will be implemented at Shaturskaya GRES. The CCGT-400 power unit has an efficiency factor of 55.9% (an efficiency factor of traditional steam-power units does not exceed 40%). Besides, the change-over to the combined cycle will have a positive impact on environmental indices of the plant and will allow significantly reducing the air emission level. The CCGT-400 commissioning will allow Shaturskaya GRES to use gas in the most efficient way, and the operating power units of the plant may be reoriented for the use of other fuel types. Implementation of the standard solution at several power plants of OGK-4 at once will contribute to reduction of costs for maintenance of power units due to unification.


Shaturskaya GRES was built within the framework of the GOELRO Plan, and first production facilities of the power plant were commissioned in 1920s. Currently Shaturskaya GRES is one of the largest power plants of the Moscow Region with an installed capacity of 1,100 MW.