Publication date: 13.07.07
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In the Surgutskaya GRES-2 Branch of OGK-4 the construction of the second heat supply facility was started. The first stage of the work will be performed by Energoprommontazh, the contractor selected within the scope of the competition, the relevant agreement will be entered into with. Completion of the construction of the second heat supply facility will be scheduled for the beginning of the 2008-2009 heating season. The project implementation value is about 314 million rubles.


The necessity of constructing a new cogeneration system arose two years ago in relation to the heat supply growth in Surgut. “The station has a thermal power reserve but limited opportunities of the existing heat supply facility do not allow using it,” said Mr. Sergey Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of the Operation Service of Surgutskaya GRES.


A vigorous heat consumption growth makes the enterprise to operate with maximum expenditure of the heat-carrying agent, using reserve equipment, which can reduce the reliability of the operation of the heating network. Besides, such situation does not make possible to increase the rate of commissioning of new buildings and ensure implementation of the Affordable Housing Program.


Within the scope of the project of construction of the second heat supply facility, it is planned to install the rack, pipeline, install additional increasing pumps, and perform the pre-commissioning and commissioning work. It is planned to install hydraulic couplings for the drive of main-line pumps at the second heat supply facility, which will make possible to apply a quality-quantity principle of regulating the heat supply mode. The process will be managed and controlled with the help of the Teploset Automatic Process Control System to be integrated into the municipal automatic management system in the future.