Publication date: 10.07.07
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Today OGK-4 and Microsoft held a practical conference “Experience and Demonstration of Building the Microsoft Dynamics AX-Based ERP System by the Example of Berezovskaya GRES (OGK-4 Branch)”. The OGK-4 delegation under the guidance of Mr. Pavel Pestryakov, Deputy Director General for Information Technologies, representatives of Microsoft Rus, heads of divisions for development of information technologies of Russian power companies, and heads of the partner company for project implementation at Berezovskaya GRES took part in the event.


The place of the conference was not selected on a chance basis: the Berezovskaya GRES Branch of OGK-4 became the first facility in the Russian power industry, where the Microsoft solution-based automated enterprise management system was implemented. Since May 2005, Microsoft Axapta, one of the leading products of the company, has been used at the plant.


At Berezovskaya GRES during the conference, the participants familiarized themselves with the work of the ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning System) implemented based on the Microsoft Business Solution Axapta software. The software allows automating the plant’s accounting and tax accounting processes and business activity processes. A separate issue included the EMR (Equipment Maintenance and Repair) module, which was a working tool of engineers and production managers of the plant and served for automated processes of collection, storage, and systematization of information on all equipment of Berezovskaya GRES. It should be noted that new modules covering human resource management, payroll calculation and investments were put into operation on April 1, 2007 at the Berezovskaya GRES Branch of OGK-4. The modules allow maintaining human resource management and automate payroll calculation processes. Now the ERP system of the Berezovskaya GRES Branch has been functioning in full in the industrial operation mode.


The conference participants had a high opinion on the scope of the software implementation work and noted the skill level of the personnel involved in the work of the automated system. According to Mr. Pavel Pestryakov, Deputy Director General of OGK-4 for Information Technologies, Berezovskaya GRES has become a certain model for implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX information system. All the accumulated experience will have a practical application at all OGK-4 enterprises.