Publication date: 15.01.07
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From January 15, 2007, Sergey Bakhmetov, Director of Surgutskaya TPP-2 Subsidiary of Generation Company Four of the Wholesale Market of Power and Energy (OGK-4), has been appointed as Deputy Director General of OGK-4 for Production, pursuant to the transfer order signed by OGK-4 Director General Andrey Kitashev. Earlier, this position was filled by Vasily Beliy, who was transferred to TGC-2 in November 2006.


Sergey Bakhmetov was born on November 21, 1957. After his graduation from the Ural Technological University in 1980, S. Bakhmetov was employed by Surgutskaya TPP (later, Surgutskaya TPP-1) of Tyumenenergo Repair and Operation Division, where he started out as Turbine Equipment Attendant Inspector to finally become Chief Engineer of the plant. In 2000, S. Bakhmetov was appointed as Director of Surgutskaya TPP-2, which became part of OGK-4 after the restructuring of Tyumenenergo.   


From January 15, 2007, Yevgeny Zhilyayev, Chief Engineer of Surgutskaya TPP-2, has been appointed as Director of Surgutskaya TPP-2 Subsidiary of OGK-4.


Yevgeny Zhilyayev was born on July, 21, 1952. After his graduation from the Kharkov Technological University in 1976, Y. Zhilyayev worked for power industry enterprises in Donbass. From 1996 to 2001, Y. Zhilyayev worked for Nizhnevartovsk Subsidiary of Sibenergomontazh as Section Manager and then Chief Engineer. In 2001, Y. Zhilyayev transferred to Surgutskaya TPP-2, where he made his career, by 2006, from Deputy Head of Boiler and Turbine Shop to Chief Engineer.