Publication date: 05.10.06
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Generation Company Four of the Wholesale Electric Power Market (OGK-4), Microsoft, and OXS have held a press conference dedicated to the project related to the implementation of management information and control system (MICS) at OGK-4. The full-fledged management system for the Company's financial and economic activities will cover its entire business, including production and distribution, supply chain and project management, financial management and business analysis means, client relations management, and personnel management. The planned work includes the implementation of a set of projects related to the adoption of information system for all OGK-4 divisions, including the Management Company and five geographically-distributed subsidiaries. OXS is in charge of the implementation of the specialized industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics™ AX platform.


It is expected that the OGK-4 management information system will be created within a year. The project implementation process comprises three phases. The automated personnel management block will be commissioned at the Company's Central Office and TPPs on October 1, 2006. This project includes the commissioning of the financial block for accounting and contract management at the Company's Central Office. These preparatory measures are aimed at the implementation of the project's main phase to be completed before the issue of additional OGK-4 shares for of the attraction of investments.


Phase 2 is expected to be implemented to a fuller extent on January 1, 2007. This phase covers six businesses of the Company – power purchase and sales, procurement, personnel management and payroll accounting, financial accounting, production management, and investment management. The completion of the MICS Project for OGK-4 is scheduled for July 2007.


According to OGK-4 Director General Andrey Kitashev, the adoption of MICS is a very time measure in the light of development of the Russian electricity market. The companies of the power sector are already using a lot of application software product, but today it is advisable to start forming integrated management systems that can be further developed. "In the near future, it will be impossible to operate in the electric power industry without using any management information systems," emphasized Mr. Kitashev.  


In his speech, Microsoft Rus General Director Birger Steen said that in the Russian electricity market the company offers an integrated approach toward the creation of corporate information space, including industrial solutions of Microsoft's partners based on its technologies, business solutions, and licensing under the corporate program developed specially for companies involved in the electricity sector. "This approach helps enhance any company's attraction as an investment through the application of cutting-edge technologies allowing business manageability and transparency, which is especially important in the light of IPO plans," said Birger Steen.


In its operations, OGK-4 widely applies modern information technologies that contribute to the enhancement of the Company's operating efficiency. In September 2006, a TPP sales control panel – OGK-4 Automated Electricity Metering System WKS – was created and commissioned at the Metering Dispatcher's control unit in the Central Office. The panel receives data from control devices simultaneously with TPP dispatching divisions. The control panel makes it possible to automatically receive accurate and reliable data on electricity generation, output, and consumption from the TPP automated electricity metering systems; control electricity generated by the OGK-4 subsidiaries and expeditiously form recommendations related to optimum TPP loads and interaction with the System Operator, which enhances the efficiency of the TPPs' operation in the wholesale power market.