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07.11.22 Safe Behaviour at Home from Uniproshka

In late October, Uniproshka, the corporate character invented by Unipro PJSC, told children in all regions of the company’s operations how to behave, if you are left at home alone. The project was joined by the schools of Shatura, Sharypovo, Yaiva, Ozerny, Alexandrovsk, Cherusti, Moscow and Surgut. 

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07.11.22 Smolenskaya GRES Operated for 1,000 Days Without Injuries

In November 2022, Smolenskaya GRES made a crucial achievement – 1,000 days of operation without injuries. Such achievement was made thanks to managing the processes of complying with occupational health and safety regulations at the plant.

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07.11.22 Shaturskaya GRES Increased Electricity Generation

In January–September 2022, Unipro PJSC’s Shaturskaya GRES branch generated 4,982 ml kWh of electric power, increased it by 13.6% YoY.

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03.11.22 Unipro Publishes IFRS Financials for 9M 2022

Unipro Group publishes its unaudited financials for 9M 2022 in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Unipro PJSC demonstrated good financial results in January–September 2022. Unipro Group’s revenue increased by 21.8%, as compared to the same period of 2021, and amounted to RUB 77.6 bn. 

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01.11.22 Conference Call: Unipro 9M 2022 Results

On November 3, 2022 Unipro Group will publish their results for 9 months 2022. On this occasion there will be a conference call for analysts and investors. The event will start at 02 pm MSK.

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31.10.22 Surgutskaya GRES-2 Performs the Repair of Its Buildings and Structures

As part of the annual repair program, Unipro PJSC’s Surgutskaya GRES-2 branch performed the works of repairing the roofing of MCR-2 (main control room), BPS-1 and BPS-2 (bank pump stations), the firehouse, the boiler and smoke extractor systems.

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28.10.22 Ozerny Settlement School Pupils Visited the Smolensk Regional Technology Academy (SRTA)

Pupils of grades 9 of the Ozernenskaya Secondary School paid a visit to the SRTA. The visit took place thanks to Unipro PJSC’s Smolenskaya GRES branch as part of the Career Starts at School project.

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27.10.22 Unipro Publishes the RAS Accounting Statements for 9 Months of 2022

Unipro PJSC publishes its accounting statements for nine months of 2022 prepared in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).

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26.10.22 Smolensk Power Engineers Completed the 2022 Repair Campaign

Unipro PJSC’s Smolenskaya GRES branch took down its 210 MW power unit No. 3 for repairs.

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26.10.22 For 9M 2022, Unipro PJSC’s Power Plants Increased Electric Power Generation by 21.8%

In January–September 2022, Unipro PJSC power plants generated 39.7 bn kWh of electric power, having increased this indicator by 21.8% year-on-year.

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