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28.04.22 Unipro Publishes RAS Accounting Statements for Q1 2022

In Q1 2022, Unipro PJSC’s revenue increased by 29.4% year-on-year up to RUB 30.6 bn.

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26.04.22 Conference Call: Unipro 3M 2022 Results

On April 29, 2022 Unipro Group will publish their results for three months 2022. The event will start at 11 am MSK.

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26.04.22 In Q1 2022, Unipro PJSC Power Plants Increased Electric Power Generation by 14.7%

The increased generation in Q1 2022 is mainly due to the continued growth in electricity consumption after the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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20.04.22 Berezovskaya GRES chemical laboratory assistant wins Russian National Contest

The results of the Russian National Professional Skills Contest among chemical laboratory assistants are announced.

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20.04.22 Surgutskaya GRES-2 is ready to discharge the 2022 flood

Surgutskaya GRES-2 branch of Unipro PJSC conducted a commission pre-flood inspection of hydraulic structures.

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19.04.22 Shaturskaya GRES laboratory assistant wins Russian National Contest

8 Russian fuel, energy, and metallurgical companies participated in the contest.

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19.04.22 The chemical laboratory at Yaivinskaya GRES confirmed their competence

In March 2022 the chemical laboratory of Yaivinskaya GRES successfully passed the accreditation competence confirmation procedure with extension of accreditation scope according to accreditation criteria and requirements of interstate standard GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019.

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13.04.22 Berezovskaya GRES is ready for the spring flood

While expecting the flood, the power plant has surveyed their hydraulic engineering structures.

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12.04.22 Conditional situation — real staff actions

At Shaturskaya GRES branch of Unipro PJSC, a plant-wide emergency and firefighting drills were held.

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11.04.22 Unipro PJSC Sent Over 70 Tons of Waste for Processing

Unipro PJSC has been implementing a program of separate waste collection for further processing since 2017. In 2021, Unipro employees collected 70 tons of recyclable materials and sent them for processing and disposal to specialized organizations.

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