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01.06.22 Shaturskaya GRES Power Unit 1 is out for repairs

Unipro’s Shaturskaya GRES launched the intermediate maintenance of 200 MW Power Unit 1. The power unit was commissioned in 1971. Over the past year, it reached 6,718 hours.

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01.06.22 Surgutskaya GRES-2 Power Unit No. 1 Certified for 830 MW Capacity after Improvement

The improved Power Unit No. 1 at Surgutskaya GRES-2 underwent successful integrated testing in May 2022. 

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31.05.22 The Museum of Shaturskaya GRES History became one of the best in the Museum for All category and was honoured with a class III diploma

The forum of the All-Russian Corporate Museum Competition is the only place that unites representatives of corporate museums from across Russia.

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31.05.22 Smolenskaya GRES donated replications of paintings by Vasily Surikov to the music school in Dukhovshchina

Evgeny Inozemtsev, Director of Smolenskaya GRES, handed over the paintings to Elena Novikova, the School Master, at the official meeting dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Dukhovshchina Children's Music School.

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26.05.22 Smolenskaya GRES is repairing 210MW Power Unit 2

Power engineers will carry out typical tasks to repair pump equipment, replace insulation on piping in the boiler and turbine rooms. Based on defect detection results, defects in the boiler lining and casing will be eliminated after chalk pressure tests.

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24.05.22 Smolenskaya GRES partnered in the ship modeling competition

Anatoly Lebedev Memorial Cup, all-Russian competition in ship modeling sports, was held in  Smolensk.

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24.05.22 In 2022, the Surgutskaya-2 GRES branch of Unipro PJSC will complete the reclamation of two sections of the sludge dump

The project to reconstruct the Surgutskaya-2 GRES sludge dump with the reclamation of two its sections was launched in 2018.

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20.05.22 Employees of Berezovskaya GRES help make the city greener

Employees of Berezovskaya GRES planted more than 250 trees.

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20.05.22 Shut down until the next cold season

On 16 May, pursuant to the Resolution of the Head of the Shatura Urban District, Shaturskaya GRES Branch of Unipro PJSC closed the heating season. 

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18.05.22 Berezovskaya GRES team took second place in the regional Brain Ring

Krasnoyarsk hosted the annual regional occupational health and safety tournament modelled after the Brain Ring trivia game on April 30. 

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