Smolenskaya GRES

Branch Smolenskaya GRES of PJSC Unipro

(hereinafter — Smolenskaya GRES)

Smolenskaya GRES is a heat power plant located in Ozerny settlement of the Smolensk Region. Smolenskaya GRES is operated using coal and natural gas, it was put into operation in 1978. Installed capacity — 630 MW. At Smolenskaya GRES three power units are installed, 210 MW each, each unit includes boiler TPE–208, turbine of K–210–130–3 type. Following the results of 2014 electric power generation amounted to 1.713 bln kW?h.

The Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR resolved on construction of Smolenskaya GRES in 1965 with due account for milled peat reserve of the Svitsko-Zharkovskaya base. Construction of the power plant was commenced in 1970. On January 12, 1978 the state commission accepted for operation the first power unit of the plant, this day is the official date of Smolenskaya GRES commencement of operation.

With the power plant commissioning, the Dukhovshchinsky district located in the north of the Smolensk region, got a powerful impetus for social and economic development. The railway to Smolensk running through three districts of the region was restored, the railway connecting Smolensk and Tver Regions was constructed, a modern motor road was built, a powermen settlement was constructed.

The power plant equipment was designed for combustion of low-ash sulfur-free fuel - peat, but at Smolenskaya GRES various types of solid fuel were used because of delays in peat extracting plants construction; and those solid fuels had different qualitative characteristics: high ash content, high sulfur content and high reactivity. During first years of its operation, the power plant frequently had to change types of fuel. Initially the plant received coal from Inta, later on it was replaced with coal from the suburbs of Moscow. Then, power engineers from Smolenskaya GRES started using slate as fuel, which was subsequently replaced with coal from Khakassia. All in all, combustion of 14 types of solid fuel was tried at the power plant, including coal from Uzbekistan and European Silesia. Combustion of millions of tons of non-design type of fuel required continuous reconstruction and modernization of the equipment.

Finally, with completion of construction of the gas pipeline running to Smolenskaya GRES, in 1985 the fuel problem was solved. Since that time, the power plant has been using natural gas and Moscow lignite as main fuel.

In 2011, works on reconstruction and commissioning of the first section of the ash disposal area at Smolenskaya GRES were completed. These works will allow for increasing the volume of ash and sludge waste storage, ensuring the possibility for the power plant operation when combusting significant share of coal in the fuel balance of the plant within more than 10 years, will reduce environmental impact of the ash disposal area.


Staff headcount as of 31 December 2015 — 504 persons.

Director of the Branch — Peremibeda Aleksandr Pavlovich

Contact information:

Smolenskaya GRES Branch of PJSC Unipro

Postal address: 216239, Smolensk Region, Dukhovshchinsky district, Ozerny settlement.

Location: 216239, Smolensk Region, Dukhovshchinsky district, Ozerny settlement.

Phone: (48166) 2-91-59

Fax: (48166) 2-91-89



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