Publication date: 12.04.16
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Shaturskaya GRES awarded the best consumers of heat energy

E.ON Russia Shaturskaya GRES held the awarding ceremony for the best heat energy consumers  for 2015-2016 heating period. This year the jury considered 248 consumers in three categories: “Housing and Municipal Company”, “Small business” and “Industrial company”.

Three companies became the winners: Rassvet Housing association (Chairman – Vladimir Zernov), Individual Entrepreneur Victor Borisov, Stroyshat Limited Liability Company (Director - Alexander Meus).

The competition at Shaturskaya GRES is held every year, and this year it was for the twelfth time. The winners of the competition fulfil the conditions of contracts to the fullest extent, i.e. timely pay for the heat energy, implement new energy-saving technologies in their work. The best consumers of heat energy received presents and honorary diplomas from the plant’s management, and heard the words of gratitude for the good quality of contract relations.