Publication date: 12.05.20
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Shaturskaya GRES is proceeding with the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease

Shaturskaya GRES is proceeding with its efforts to control the coronavirus disease. Ensuring maximum possible isolation of employees is the most critical measure. Over 85% of Unipro PJSC Shaturskaya GRES administrative personnel supposed to work from home according to the plan adopted by the Branch are currently doing so.

The operating employees on the ground are being provided with all necessary protection equipment as a precaution against the disease. Employees are subjected to daily body temperature control at the entrance checkpoints. All office and production facilities are being treated with disinfectants, the work premises are being aired and equipped with bactericidal lamps. 

Besides, all motor vehicles have been treated with disinfectants since 24 March. These measures apply to all motor vehicles entering the plant site without any exceptions whatsoever. The treatment is performed by Fire Safety Center LLC. To date, the center employees have already disinfected over 120 motor vehicles.