Publication date: 07.05.20
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Yavinskaya GRES has closed the heating season

Unipro PJSC Yaivinskaya GRES Branch has summed up the results for 8 months of the 2019–2020 heating season.

It started according to the schedule on 16 September and ended on 8 May pursuant to the Resolution of the Yaiva Urban Settlement Administration. Over this entire period, the power plant supplied heat to the Yaiva Settlement with a population of 10,000 people.

The total length of the main and district heating systems managed by the Branch exceeds 23 km (two-pipe).  The total heat power output over the heating season amounted to 77.9 thousand Gcal. The power plant had no accidents and process upsets that could have led to interruptions in the heat supply of the population. Heat was supplied to the consumers of the Yaiva Settlement without fail.

Following the end of the heating season, the specialists of Yaivinskaya GRES Branch will traditionally launch hydraulic testing. Currently, the power plant operates 17.7 km (two-pipe) of the leased heating network pipelines in the Yaiva Settlement.

In 2019, to ensure fail-free operation, Yaivinskaya GRES Branch performed the scheduled repairs of the main heating network by 150 percent. In addition, the Branch has developed the maintenance schedule for the forthcoming summer period. It includes the overhaul of four sections on the district heating systems, both in the main and district heating pipelines of the Yaiva Settlement. The Branch will replace Ø57–377 mm pipelines exceeding 650 meters in total length (two-pipe).

Besides, the Branch has launched preparations of the equipment for the 2020–2021 heating season. The activities scheduled by the Branch are intended to ensure reliable heat supply of consumers, reduce heat losses during transportation and distribution, and increase the hydraulic stability of the heating network. These works will be performed by the contractor and plant staff.