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25.01.16 In 2015, E.ON Russia Power Stations Generated 53.8 bln kWh

Over 2015, the electric power generation by E.ON Russia totalled 53.8 bln kWh, showing a 9.2% decrease compared to the 2014. Electric power sales volume in 2015 totalled 56.7 bln kWh, showing a 8.6 % decrease compared to the 2014 figures.

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12.01.16 Certification Testing of Shaturskaya GRES CCGT-400 Power Unit Was Successfully Completed for the Standardized Primary Frequency Control (SPFC)

E.ON Russia Shaturskaya GRES acquired the certificate of compliance with Standard STO 59012820.27.100.004-2012 “Norms of Participation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines in the Standardized Primary Frequency Control and Automatic Secondary Frequency and Active Power Transfer Control.”

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16.12.15 Unit 1 of Berezovskaya GRES is the only coal steam power unit participating in SPFC

Unit 1 of Berezovskaya GRES is currently the first and the only coal steam power generation unit participating in SPFC.

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01.12.15 E.ON Russia holds a commissioning ceremony for the third 800 MW generating unit of Berezovskaya GRES

The international concern E.ON SE and its subsidiary E.ON Russia held a commissioning ceremony for 800 MW power unit No. 3 at E.ON Russia Berezovskaya GRES.

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12.11.15 E.ON Russia Publishes the Indicators According to the IFRS for 9 Months of 2015

E.ON Russia publishes the unaudited 9 months 2015 financial results prepared in accordance with International financial reporting standards.

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28.10.15 E.ON Russia publishes RAS Accounting Statements for 9 months of 2015

E.ON Russia publishes accounting statements prepared according to the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for the nine months of 2015.

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20.10.15 E.ON Connecting Energies LLC, a subsidiary of E.ON Russia, and Yantarenergo sign an energy service contract for installation of smart meters
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19.10.15 E.ON Russia power stations generated 38.6 bn kWh over 9 months of 2015

Over 9 months of 2015, electric power generation by E.ON Russia totaled 38.6 bn kWh, showing a 9.6% decrease versus the 2014 figures.

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07.10.15 E.ON Russia registered a subsidiary OOO E. ON Engineering

E.ON Russia registered OOO E. ON Engineering, a 100% subsidiary that will provide a package of engineering services to external clients in addition to implementation of E.ON Russia internal projects.

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30.09.15 E.ON Russia puts Berezovskaya GRES Unit 3 into operation

E.ON Russia has commissioned Berezovskaya GRES Unit 3. The new 800 MW steam lignite unit has passed successfully the certification tests to confirm 800 MW of installed capacity by the System Operator of Unified Energy System of Russia. E.ON Russia will receive capacity payments for the new unit starting from October, 1.

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