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18.12.13 E.ON Russia commissioned simulator of CCGT- 400 at Surgutskaya GRES-2
Surgutskaya GRES-2 proceeded to commercial operation of the simulator complex of 400MW combined cycle power unit (CCGT-400 MW). Ca. 50mio rubles were spent for the program implementation.
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18.12.13 Erection of the pre-assembled equipment of the Boiler of Unit No.3 at Berezovskaya GRES Site started
The 3d stage of erection of the main equipment of the Boiler of Unit No.3 at Berezovskaya GRES Branch of E.ON Russia JSC, Sharypovo, the Krasnoyarsk territory, involves installation of the pre-assemblies of the Boiler convective shaft and pipeline blocks.
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09.12.13 Construction of the dry ash and sludge removal system at Berezovskaya GRES started
They started backfilling of the fourth section of ash disposal area. Berezovskaya GRES was one of the first Russian coal-fired power plants that implemented the European removal system of ash and sludge wastes generated in the result of coal combustion, - the dry ash and sludge removal system.
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31.10.13 For 9 months of 2013 E.ON Russia's Plants have generated 45.6 billion kWh
E.ON Russia's electric power output made 45.6 bln kWh for 9 months 2013, which is by 3.1% less than within the similar period last year. Electricity sales in January-September 2013 made 47.5 bln kWh (-2.5% as compared to last year).
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30.08.13 E.ON Russia H1 2013 IFRS profit rises by 8%

In first half of 2013 E.ON Russia's net profit made RUB 9.4 bln, that is 8% more than for H1 2012 (RUB 8.7 bln).

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29.07.13 E.ON Russia’s RAS net profit in Half-year I grows by 7%

E.ON Russia JSC released Half-year I 2013 financial statements prepared as per the Russian Accounting Standards.

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28.06.13 Annual General Shareholders Meeting of E.ON Russia JSC

The annual General Shareholders Meeting of E.ON Russia JSC was held on June 27, 2013 in Moscow.

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17.05.13 E.ON Russia: strong operational performance allows for implementation of a sustainable dividend policy with a targeted payout ratio of 40-60%

The Board of Directors recommended the General Shareholders' Meeting to adopt a resolution to pay out dividends amounting to 100% of the profit as per IFRS for 2012 (18 255 million rubles). According to the proposals on profit distribution, the Board of Directors recommended the shareholders to approve the dividend payout on E.ON Russia's common shares as of the 2012 fiscal year in an amount of 0.29* rubles per common share.

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05.04.13 Meeting of Board of Directors
The Board of Directors approved the list of candidates for election of the new composition of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting devoted to 2012 year end.
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02.04.13 E.ON Russia publishes the 2012 IFRS accounting statements

E.ON Russia JSC's revenue made 75.0 billion rubles, growing by 13.5% as compared to the same indicator of 2011. EBITDA made 29.1 billion rubles which is by 27.1% higher than in 2011.

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