Publication date: 27.11.14
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E.ON Russia Receives Confirmation of ISO 14001:2004 Conformity Certificate

E.ON Russia succeeded in passing the first inspection (compliance audit) for verifying the Certificate of Conformity of the company’s environmental management system with ISO 14001:2004 requirements in the cogeneration area. The inspection was conducted by a group of independent auditors of the Russian Register Certification Association, accredited by international certification authorities – members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). 

The inspection assessed the Environmental Management System (EMS) for efficiency and compliance with MS ISO 14001:2004. It also analysed and assessed the alterations made by the company to documentation for adequacy and those made to EMS processes/elements for meeting the stated standard.  

The audit was also aimed to establish the facts of maintaining EMS operable and meeting the continuous improvement provision. 

The audit was conducted at Smolenskaya GRES and Yaivinskaya GRES branches as well as in the Executive Office by processes and subdivisions associated with the stated certification area, i.e. cogeneration and heat power transport.

The inspection established that the 2014 environmental and environment conservancy goals and  objectives (environmental key performance indicators of E.ON Russia JSC) are of current importance.   All the 2013 environmental goals of E.ON Russia JSC were attained.

Having analysed the company’s Environmental Management System, the management found it adequate and effective, which is confirmed by the auditors. 

E.ON Russia JSC’s internal environmental auditing processes were also considered effective.

The auditors noted EMS strengths and continuous improvement evidence:

- chemical laboratories of audited E.ON Russia JSC’s branches were accredited for technical competence, which means official recognition of their competence in the measurement accreditation area, including in the process of production environmental supervision;

- the company has compiled and is using a standard list of inconsistency causes, which has considerably enhanced the corrective action development quality;

- in the 3rd quarter of 2014, the company implemented an automated environmental and legal system (AELS), which is  designed  to help environmentalists in their daily work and enables the following:

  • monitoring the compliance with the environmental laws;
  • possibility of internal audit;
  • maintenance of accounting and reporting tables;
  • legal support;
  • informational support;

Leading Russian and foreign EMS certification organisations have repeatedly noted this system to improve EMS.