Publication date: 08.04.15
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Successful Performance of Turbine Barring at Berezovskaya GRES Power Unit No. 3

Installation of the turbine wheel space was accomplished in the turbine hall of Power Unit No. 3 that is being under construction at E.ON Russia Berezovskaya GRES. The quality of assembly operations was tested during the turbine generator barring launching. The turbine was rotating at a speed of 3.4 rpm for 20 minutes (the operating speed of rotation is 3,000 rpm). The examination showed that the line of shafting had been installed without any violations. The rotor, all the five cylinders, the generator, the actuator and the barring gear worked synchronously. The commissioning committee did not detect any abnormal noises and interference. The readings of the sensors monitoring the turbine operation basic parameters were set to be displayed in the unit control room, where the operating maintenance personnel will control them.

Prior to overall tests at the turbine hall a considerable amount of work should be performed to prepare the equipment for operating status. The turbine unit regulation has to be examined; all the systems at the generator must be prepared for hookup; surface sensors have to be installed; and insulation must be applied.

The domestically produced turbine unit К-800-245М with a rated capacity of 800 MW will be operating at supercritical steam parameters (pressure — 240 kgf/cm2, temperature — 540 °С, steam flow consumption — 2,358 t/h). The turbine generator of the Power Unit that is currently under construction will become more efficient than the turbines of the two operating power units due to installation of modern honeycomb seals and feed pumps.

Construction of 800 MW Power Unit No. 3 at Berezovskaya GRES is the final project under the mandatory investment program of E.ON Russia. The new Power Unit commissioning is scheduled for the summer 2015. After its commissioning, the installed capacity of Berezovskaya GRES will be 2,400 MW, and the total installed capacity of E.ON Russia will exceed 11 GW, which is 30% more than before the launch of the investment program.