Publication date: 23.04.15
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In Q1 2015 E.ON Russia Power Stations Generated 13.7 Bln kWh

In January-March 2015, E.ON Russia electric power generation totaled 13.7 bln kWh (-18% as compared to the previous year number). The electric power sales volume for the reporting period totaled 14.4 bln kWh, showing a decrease by 17% comparing to the analogous period of 2014.

In Q1 2015, heat power generation decreased by 9% as compared to the indicators of 2014 and totaled 808.2 thousand Gcal.

Electric power sales volume decrease in the reporting period is conditioned by changes in the balance of the UPS of Russia – the absence of the energy consumption growth in the context of a significant rise to new power due to the power supply agreement.  This situation prolonged the inaction period of the generators put in the static reserve. The decrease in total energy consumption was also affected by the alteration of the repairs schedule.