Publication date: 13.05.15
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Yayvinskaya GRES Has Won the Regional Labor Safety Competition

The Labor and Environment Safety Commission of the Trade Union Regional Committee has announced E.ON Russia Yayvinskaya GRES the winner of the Competition on Labor Safety and Labor Conditions at the Industry Enterprises for 2014.

The Commission assessed the enterprises according to the following criteria: labor safety conditions at the enterprises and measures aimed at labor safety and prevention of incidents, indicators such as rate of occupational diseases, work accidents, level of providing the employees with personal protection equipment. The data provided by the official bodies of the Federal State Statistics Service, supervisory bodies and the regional branch of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation were also used.

E.ON Russia employees are provided with certified personal protection equipment and work clothes. Due to fruitful work in the sphere of labor safety in 2014, the company managed to avoid industrial accidents and newly diagnosed occupational diseases.

“According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, every employer must ensure provision of personal protection equipment at its own expense based on the standard industry rates,” Sergey Ostaltsev, Head of the Labor Safety and Industrial Control Department says. “The difference is that our company uses certified personal protection equipment, i.e. that of high quality. This indicator, as well as absence of industrial accidents helped us win.”

The winning of Yayvinskaya GRES confirms the achievements of the plant: according to the effective policy in the sphere of labor and industrial safety, staff control before each shift is conducted; safety briefings in structural subdivisions are held, labor safety and first-aid treatment trainings on the basis of an in-house study room is provided.