Publication date: 25.01.16
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In 2015, E.ON Russia Power Stations Generated 53.8 bln kWh

Over 2015, the electric power generation by E.ON Russia totalled 53.8 bln kWh, showing a 9.2% decrease compared to the 2014. Electric power sales volume in 2015 totalled 56.7 bln kWh, showing a 8.6 % decrease compared to the 2014 figures.

Heat power generation by E.ON Russia’s power plants in the reporting period totalled 2035.3 th. Gcal, showing a 8 % decrease compared to the previous year. The decrease is caused by the weather conditions.

The declined electric power generation in 2015 was caused by the change in the balance situation in the country’s unified energy system: hindered growth of electric power consumption stemming from large-scale commissioning of new facilities under Capacity Supply Agreement resulted in longer downtimes of generating equipment placed on cold reserve. The power generation decline was also caused by a change in the repair schedule.