Publication date: 08.12.17
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Unipro passed successfully the first compliance audit of Environmental Management System under the new Certificate of Compliance ISO 14001:2015

Unipro PJSC obtained the Certificate of Compliance of the company’s Environmental Management System (EMS) with the requirements of the new revision of ISO 14001:2015 international standard.

The purpose of the compliance audit is to verify the compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015 for the subsequent confirmation of validity of the 2016 Certificate of Compliance of Environmental Management System. In 2017, the audit was conducted in two branches of Unipro, i.e. Shaturskaya GRES and Yaivinskaya GRES and in the Moscow Office.

Auditors of the Certification Association “Russian Register” noted the following evidences of continuous improvement: creation of a three-year strategy to improve the level of environmental protection, which allows planning and monitoring the implementation of long-term activities; raising the staff awareness in the form of business games to help them make balanced decisions that take into account the environmental component of business; implementation and planning of practically significant environmental technologies and organisational arrangements which have significant impact on the environmental risk assessment in Unipro PJSC.

The presence of the Certificate of Compliance of EMS indicates the comprehensive work of the company in the field of environmental protection, which exceeds the minimum level required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. This allows all interested parties to be sure that environmental risks are assessed and managed properly, and the work on minimizing the company's negative impact on the environment is carried out regularly.